We’ve entered beach body territory! And by that we don’t mean unhealthy obsession over the scales! We mean strong, mean tyre flipping machines bossing the Mediterranean, kicking sandcastles in weaker mortals’ faces.

The next fortnight’s programme will focus on Anaerobic Lactic workouts. This system is the dominant source of muscle energy for high intensity exercise activities that last up to approximately 90 seconds. For example, it would be the main energy contributor in a 400m sprint

We won’t bore you with any more madey up science. What’s it good for?

This kind of training involves a large caloric expenditure due to shortened rest periods and high work volume. This leads to an elevated heart rate further increasing energy demands post exercise. (EPOC). Finally it will increase mitochondria activities which means that fat oxidation will increase.

Increased Growth Hormone levels also increase the use of fat for energy during recovery after intense exercise.

This type of training with added resistance can create hypertrophy gains even while on a caloric deficit.

So the main things to anticipate over the next few weeks are

– High volume

– High intensity

– Minimal rest

– Looking fine.

Tonight’s Partner workout:

40sec work 10 sec rest

2 rounds straight through then rest 3 mins

Group 1

Trap Bar Dead Lift

Bear Crawl

Log Press

Chin Up

Group 2

Sled Drags

Tyre Flips

Farmers Walks


Partner medley of flips, farmers walks & sled drags to finish.

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