My Zone


City Strongman is excited to partner with MyZone and introduce a product that will change the ways you exercise and how you can monitor your progress during and after your workout! Monitor and Track your workouts in and outside of City Strongman sessions.


How it works


MyZone is a monitoring device that uploads exercise data wirelessly while you workout, allowing you to monitor your own progress and compare your results with others. MyZone will also accurately measure your heart rate and the calories you burn.


Your exercise effort is measured using the MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs) designed to reward focus rather than fitness, meaning that you can enjoy the benefits of MyZone no matter where your starting point is!

MyZone exists in a form of belt. Once you put the belt on, the information about your exercise effort is collected and displayed live on a group screen if being used in the City Strongman Session or on your own mobile device, stored and uploaded online for you to review in your own time. Check out this short video and read more in our blog: HOW MANY CALORIES DO YOU ACTUALLY BURN IN A CITY STRONGMAN CLASS




How to get started


You can purchase a MyZone Belt by simply following this link to grab a whopping £50.00 discount: Our MyZone Shop


Alternative simply email and we will then place an order for you and explain how to register your belt and get going.


If you would like anymore information just grab one of us next time you’re at a session.